• Autism International Conference in New York

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • Core Beliefs and Values
The intention of the International Child Development Center is to assist students to develop qualities of mind, heart and body that will enable them to function effectively in life, meeting both the everyday and extraordinary challenges of life, and integrating within the fabric of society at large. Additionally, ICDC offers a place where the entire community can join together in partnership to fulfill this mission.
ICDC considers our staff, students, parents and the community as partners in fulfilling the challenges of our mission. We provide a safe environment for learning and growth with the deep understanding that all students are individuals and must be approached with kind and respectful appreciation for their individuality.
1) Offers a place where the whole community can learn together in a respectful manner. </br> 2) Respects the cultural diversity of our students. </br> 3) Assists students to free themselves of excessive fear, anger, hurt and sorrow. </br> 4) Supports family involvement in all aspects. </br> 5) Strive to maximize all students’ abilities to achieve maximum rewards and benefits from integration into the community at large. </br> 6) Offers a model of mutually beneficent problem-solving. </br> 7) Promotes students’ self-motivation. </br> 8) Promotes artistic expression. </br> 9) Mindful stewardship of the environment. </br> 10) Creates a positive, nurturing environment </br> 11) Provides student-centered curriculum </br> 12) Remains aware of and incorporates current research on effective teaching strategies that reflect our core principles.