• Autism International Conference in New York


When a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder it is unexpected and overwhelming news for families. Once the diagnosis is obtained, many complex questions regarding services will confront families. At ICDC it is our initial goal to make sure any questions that you may have, get the most detailed answers.

In order to understand your child within the context of your family and day-to-day environments, assessments begin with our team’s complete evaluation of your child’s development. These standardized assessments are tailored to your child’s age and functioning level.

After assessments, we provide a complete written report on our findings and consultation during which you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions. Personalized recommendations for your child will be provided.

We offer highly individualized, innovative treatment and services that address each child’s immediate needs. Our professional staff is following the principles ofApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA)to help children function independently and maximize their potential.

If you are troubled about your child’s development or want to find treatment services, contact the center for an appointment at +37410 580 733