An innovative concept of temporary shelter for young adults with autistic disorder, in Royat 63 in France

XELOT Pascale | Published: Aug 05, 2010

Lightweight temporary accommodation for adults with autism. Preparing for adult life as independently as possible (independent for “Asperger’s autistic”)

Lightweight temporary accommodation for adults with autism. Preparing for adult life as independently as possible (independent for “Asperger’s autistic”) through an individualized and tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the person. Opportunities to enjoy leisure time on weekends and certain holiday weeks.

image_miniThe context

The structure consists of two units in the department of Puy de Dome. The first is located in town in Royat (outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand), the second in the Sancy to 1100 m.

The association manager Autism Action was established in September 2000, the Park House (structure name) exists since 2004 and just received his new approval from the General Council of Puy de Dome.

Home Park has a director, a psychologist at halftime and four educators and AMP. It also hosts many trainees.

The school population has autism and related, at least 20 years. The average current age is between 25 and 30. We welcome people with autism with a maximum of 4 during the day (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) on weekdays, 3 on up to the time periods internships (weekend and holiday stay a week).

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Purpose of the experience

The purpose of this temporary accommodation meets a need. Many adults currently lack institutional support or simply many parents do not want to “install” their child permanently institutionalized.

Our primary role is to offer the family some respite and a “technical support” to prepare for their adult autonomy it is better in a more or less near future in an institution or in total or partial autonomy for those are able.

Our teachers accompany the first adult in the implementation of its training, especially to reassure and help the hosts to understand its operation. Simple adjustments often facilitate communication between the autistic person and welcoming.


Our operation is flexible and we are able to respond quickly to the request (emergency) with the agreement of the MDPH In support “standard” every person with autism is “assessed” to identify its strengths and weaknesses, clarify with his family or guardian areas of work around a personalized and individualized program.

The methods used are mainly oriented to the very deficient on the division into different sequences of actions to be taken from a visual medium often. The people of the highest level, we often need a theme throughout the day as a calendar of activities. Important work for the highest levels on the explanations and the necessity of the task and building the confidence of the person.

In theory access to the house of the park is limited to 90 days per year. In reality according to demand some adults are longer depending on the difficulties encountered.
The needs of the individual are very different depending on the level of each. They can range from clean “basic” to a structured work in business, the idea being to go as far as possible without setting limits. The host for the weekend or weekday respite Mont Dore revolves more on leisure and operation of each weekend or vacation to differentiate the two local management.

Our partners are diverse. Our choice of partnerships depend on the individual care. This ranges from the nursing home, workshops insertion of ESAT, or public or private companies (rare but possible).

What are the resources you needed?

Ways of framing up the bulk of the financial position of Park House. We believe that framing is optimal for adults and is usually the case. All our educators, psychologists and administrative staff are trained in autism. The courses are usually conducted by EDI Training (06).

The structure is largely funded by the Conseil Général du Puy de Dome for a game by residents (mainly the cost of making the meal).

The adults need guidance MDPH. Adults we sometimes come through the institutions that we entrust their young on weekends or holidays (for a little out of context routine).


Without false modesty, it is estimated that this type of operation is a success and a necessity. His growing success reinforces our choices.  Regret that we can make, not being able to grow a little more to help expand our ability to care. The new laws (supply and demand of institutions and associations for competition) will restrict the power of small groups like ours and level the original initiatives in the medium term.

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  2. There should be a place which can give friendly atmosphere to people suffering with autism because they did not get support and understanding in the world outside.They take time to understand things, so they need support from others. That is why these centres are built to give them friendly atmosphere.